Road Projects

2022 Road Program

Allen County’s annual road program includes paving, tar & chip work and crack patching on various county roads.  The funding for this work mainly comes from the Motor Vehicle License Plate Fees and Gasoline Tax, but can occasionally come from a State or Federal Grant.  Particular projects are determined in April and approved by the Board of County Commissioners.  Work usually begins in May or June and is completed by October.  Allen County forces do all of the tar & chip work and most of the minor paving work.  The larger paving projects are bid-out and performed by a private contractor.

Allen County EAST SIDE

Napoleon Alger Faulkner Seal
Napoleon Faulkner Amherst Seal
Hanthorn Bowman Schooler Seal
Hanthorn Schooler SR 117 Seal
Dixie Napoleon Sugar Creek Seal
Chapman Bible SR 65 Pave
Thayer Hillville Rockport Pave
Thayer Campbell Searfoss Pave
Greely Chapel Amherst River Line Pave
Hanthorn Greely Chapel  SR 65 Pave
McClain Breese Hume Pave
McClain  Hume Amherst Pave
Clum Napoleon Co.Line Pave
Phillips Augsberger Bixel Pave
Hillville SR 696 Swaney Pave
Various Hot Mix Bluffton Pave
Various  Hot Mix Shelly Pave
Various Berm Stone   Berm

Allen County WEST SIDE

Armstrong SR 117 SR 117 Seal
Bloomlock Acadia Becker Seal
Kill SR 81 Hoch Seal
Kill SR 81 West Union Seal
Landeck Kill Becker Seal
State Gomer E. Maint. Line Seal
Agerter Conant Defiance Trail Pave
Breese SR 501 Kemp Pave
Breese Shawnee Dixie Pave
Conant Zion Church SR 81 Pave
Defiance Trail Agerter  SR 117 Pave
Defiance Trail SR 81 Zion Church Pave
Grubb Agerter SR 117 Pave
Ridge Peltier SR 309 By-Pass Pave
Wapak SR 309 Troyer Pave
Zion Church SR 66  Defiance Trail Pave
Zion Church Defiance Trail Conant Pave
Eastown Diller Gomer Pave
Defiance Trail State RR Pave
Various Hot Mix Shelly Pave
Various Hot Box Patch Pave
Various  Berm   Berm



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