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Survey Reviews must be submitted to the TAX MAP OFFICE

Hand Deliver: Tax Map Office, 301 N. Main St., Room 202, Lima, OH 45801

Fax: 419-228-7243


If experiencing problems, please contact the Allen Tax Map Office at 419-228-3700 Ext 8746


Public Records Policy
Allen County Map
GIS Data/Shapefiles
  • Click here to see what GIS Data/Shapefiles are available for download.
Aerial Photography
  • 2013 Color Orthophotos (Mr. SID Format),  also on the Allen County GIS.
  • 2010 Color Orthophotos (Mr. SID Format), also on the Allen County GIS.
  • 2007 Color Orthophotos (Mr. SID Format), also on the Allen County GIS.
  • 2003 Orthophotos (Mr. SID Format) – Contact us for a set of 12 CDs ($20/each).
  • 1998 Orthophotos (Mr. SID Format) – Contact us for a set of 12 CDs ($20/each).
  • 1990 Orthophotos – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
  • 1984 Orthophotos – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
  • 1976 Orthophotos – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
  • 1964 Aerial Photography – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
  • 1956 Aerial Photography – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
  • 1939 Aerial Photography – Contact us for a DVD ($20).
Allen County Conveyance Standards
  • Click Here for the Standards Governing Conveyances of Real Property.
  • Information regarding USGS, NGS and Army Corps benchmarks in Allen County are available at our office. The Allen County Engineer’s Office has also installed numerous benchmarks throughout the county (NGVD 29 Datum). Click on a township below to view the benchmark information.
Amanda Bath Monroe Shawnee
American Jackson Perry Spencer
Auglaize Marion Richland Sugar Creek

View the Allen County Benchmark Map

GPS Control Points
  • The Allen County Engineer has established a GPS Control Network with information and references for the control points available at our office.
  • The control point information can also be viewed on the Allen County GIS website.
LiDAR Data
  • 2021 LiDAR data is available from the Tax Map office. This data can be used with specialized software to generate contours. Please call us at 419-228-3700 ext. 8746 for further details. 
Miami and Erie Canal Plans
  • Plans for the Miami and Erie Canal through Allen County are available at our office.
  • Plans are also available on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website. click here
  • Numerous county bridge, drainage and road projects have been microfilmed and are available to the public. Subdivision and condominium plats and plans are also available.
Plat Books
  • Plat Books are available at the Tax Map Office and the County Engineer’s Office.
Rail Road Maps

                         View the Railroad Maps

Right-of-Way Information
  • Right-of-way information is available for most county and township roads at our office.
Section Stone Information

                          View Section Stone Map

  • Information and references are also available at our office.
Tax Maps
  • Allen County Tax Maps are available at the Tax Map Office.
USGS Quadrangle/Topographic Maps
  • These maps depict land features and elevations developed by the United States Geological Survey. Maps covering all of Allen County are on hand, as well as some surrounding counties.
  • These maps are also available on the United States Geological Survey website.


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